Postgraduate Course


Date: Monday 30 November 2020, in association with the ESA2020 Virtual Conference
Time: 1215 – 1345

This year’s Postgrad course is a short lunchtime workshop that aims to set the stage for the week ahead. The course is designed for postgraduate research students or for people considering a research degree. Honours students are welcome. It is supported by the Ecological Society of Australia. Speakers and discussion topics are different each year, so repeat participation can be recommended.


Our program this year includes two panels of EMCR speakers who’ll present brief informal perspectives on two topics that we think are particularly relevant for this unusual year: making the most of an online conference and how to successfully establish online collaborations for research and synthesis. We’ll spend most of our time in breakout rooms to provide participants opportunities to exchange views and get to know one another.

Time Speaker Subject
12:15 Adrienne Nicotra (ANU) Opening remarks
12:25 Susanna Venn             (Deakin, chair) Navigating a covid conference: tips on building your virtual network in virtual space
Panelists: Sonya Geange (Bergen U), Zach Brown (ANU), Pawel Waryszak (Deakin), Stacey Trevathan-Trackett (Deakin)
12.45 Breakout group discussions chaired by panelists
1:10 Adrienne Nicotra (Chair) How and why: collaborative online syntheses and working group activities
Panelists: Piet Arnold (ANU), Rebecca Fox (ANU), Chloe Sato (Deakin)
1:30 Breakout group discussions chaired by panelists
1:45 Susanna Venn Reporting back: next steps and closing remarks


Speakers donate their time free. Please register athrough the conference online registration site. You can register for the postgraduate course without the conference, the conference without the postgraduate course, or both together.


Organized by:

The postgraduate course is organized by Adrienne Nicotra ( at the Division of Ecology & Evolution, Research School of Biology Australian National Uni and Susanna Venn ( at the School of Life & Env. Sciences, Deakin Uni.