Indigenous Travel Assistance Sponsorship Scheme

*Please note – As ESA2020 is a virtual event, these grants are not required in 2020. They will be offered again next year to assist with travel to ESA2021 in Darwin, NT.*

$1,800 (incl. GST) PER PARTICIPANT

Contributors to the indigenous travel assistance sponsorship scheme will receive the following acknowledgement as a supporter of the scheme:

  • Your logo in the conference handbook and on the conference app
  • Your logo on the conference website with a link to your website
  • Your logo on the holding slide displayed at the beginning of each plenary session, and the Indigenous Ecological Knowledge symposium

The Ecological Society of Australia strives to facilitate stronger and better links between non-Indigenous and Indigenous people concerned with the conservation and management of Australia’s land and water resources. ESA recognises that discourse around the understanding and management of ecological systems often centres on non-Indigenous values and methods, creating a disadvantage for Indigenous people lacking opportunities to participate in such discussions. Indigenous communities are the custodians of much of Australia’s biodiversity, and as such, perspectives derived from Indigenous socio-ecological knowledge systems are a crucial component for future biodiversity conservation.

The connection between Indigenous scientists, researchers, land managers and the wider ecological community is facilitated through the hosting of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge symposia at ESA conferences. They provide an opportunity for Indigenous people to access wider networks and to have their perspectives considered within this important meeting of the Australian ecological community.

ESA conferences provide valuable and rare opportunities for Indigenous people from throughout Australia to share expertise, experiences and ideas with non-indigenous scientists. Indigenous attendees face economic barriers that can often prevent participation in this important event.

The Ecological Society of Australia invites you to support Indigenous education, and the sharing of Indigenous ecological knowledge by participating in the Indigenous Travel Assistance Sponsorship Scheme.
You may like to also consider sponsoring the Indigenous Ecological Knowledge Symposium ($4,000 incl GST), in which Indigenous participants will present.