Indigenous Ecological Knowledge Symposium Sponsorship

$4,000 (incl. GST)

Complimentary delegate registrations

  • one complimentary full conference registration, including access to conference sessions, day catering, welcome drinks and the poster session. Does not include the conference dinner.

All other company / organisation delegates are entitled to register at the early bird rate.

  • two complimentary day registrations, for the day of your sponsored symposium, including access to all conference sessions on that day, and day catering.

Acknowledgement as Indigenous Ecological Knowledge Symposium Sponsor on conference materials, including:

  • your logo in the conference handbook, adjacent to the Indigenous Ecological Knowledge Symposium
  • your logo on the conference website, with company logo and hyperlink to your website
  • your logo on the conference app
  • your logo on the holding slide displayed at the beginning and end of each plenary session.

Delegate list

  • A copy of the delegate list (Name, Organisation and State) in accordance with the Privacy Act and delegate authorisations.