ESA2020 Carbon Offset

Delegates are encouraged to contribute $30 as part of the conference registration fee to mitigate carbon emissions. This money will be donated to the following carbon offset project:

The Greater Eastern Ranges – Illawarra to Shoalhaven Region Partnership.

The purpose of the partnership is to ensure that the amazing biodiversity of the region can be maintained in a changing climate by protecting & enhancing corridor and landscape connections from the Royal National Park south to Batemans Bay.

Donate to corridor planting in the Illawarra region

Your donation will contribute to tree-planting schemes as part of the Great Eastern Ranges revegetation initiative. The GER is a collaboration among many Government and not-for-profit groups. The aim is increase connectivity for wildlife along the entire forest network of eastern Australia through on-ground activity, education and policy coordination.  A scientific report explaining the value of the corridor can be found here ( /nature/ccandger.pdf)

The GER operates at all scales from local to national. In the Illawarra area near the ESA2020 conference location, the GER is working with local landcare groups to to improve connectivity between existing protected areas by planting tree corridors in the agricultural matrix between them. One of the main initiatives in this area is the Berry Links Corridor, organised by the Berry Landcare Group ( and National Parks Association of NSW /NPANSW/Projects/great-eastern-ranges-initiative/. The Berry Links Corridor will link Seven Mile Beach National Park, Budderoo National Park by planting trees in the 8km of agricultural matrix between them.  Both of these parks are strongholds for the threatened spotted-tailed quoll and many arboreal mammals.

ESA contributions will pay for tube-stock and logistics for tree plantings organised by the Landcare and National Parks Association. These plantings are udertaken by volunteers including University of Wollongong staff and students on land put aside by private land owners thanks to the community outreach being done by these organisation.